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🎙️ Welcome to Episode 10 of Foundation & Family Podcast: Work-Life Balance in the Real Estate Industry

Join us for a deep dive conversation about real estate work-life balance as we sit down with Erica Diaz with two agents on her real estate team. Mizanne Brown and Michelle Gurney both have only been in the real estate industry for 1 year full-time and have sold millions of dollars in volume in just their first year in real estate.

In this episode, our experts break down:

🏡 Time Management:

Get insight about how new and seasoned real estate agents can carve out (time block) personal and family time even when buying and selling homes in a fast-paced real estate market.

💡 Working with Clients:

Discover how some agents are upfront with their availability expectations so that their clients know exactly when they can reach out.

🌐 Navigating with a Real Estate Team:

The three real estate agents talk about the pros of working within a real estate team and how that ties in with social media, marketing, making connections and leads, and depending on each other.

🤝 Meet Our Experts:

Erica Diaz:

Drawing from all our past conversations, Erica Diaz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, offering unique perspectives on real estate decisions.

Mizanne Brown:

As a mom of older children, she has sold over $5 Million+ worth of real estate in her first year of real estate. She has only ever worked on a real estate team and she loves all of the support that provides.

Michelle Gurney:

Michelle started off as a part-time realtor, and now as a full-time realtor, she sold $10 Million + volume of homes sales in her first year. She loves having a schedule to help create work-life balance with her young family.

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Erica Diaz:

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