Meet Your Real Estate Team

The Erica Diaz Team delivers your every real estate need. From meeting with clients to hosting open houses, or narrowing the search for your dream home – our agents will be at your side to walk you through the paperwork (or docusign) and close on time.

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Erica Diaz - Winter Garden's Top Realtor

Erica Diaz
Owner & REALTOR®

Erica can be found in all aspects of the deal and loves to work with you through the entire process. Erica’s a big fan of Open Houses, and is an avid marketer. While most realtors dread the simulclose of the sale and purchase on the same day, that’s Erica’s specialty.

Winter Garden Realtor - Trevor

Trevor Zwick

Trevor has a passion for two things: real estate and golf. With a post-secondary education from the Golf Academy of America, Trevor knows his way around a golf course, but more importantly, he knows his way around the real estate market. He’s skilled at building relationships, negotiating deals, and most importantly, listening to his clients’ needs. When he’s not negotiating deals and working with clients, you can find Trevor exploring central Florida with his wife and kids, grilling and smoking delicious food, or cheering on his favorite football team. Trevor’s drive to become a Realtor stemmed from his desire to make a positive difference in families’ lives during one of the most crucial decisions they’ll make. He finds immense satisfaction in handing families the keys to their new home or seamlessly selling their old one.

Nick MacGrath - Winter Garden Realtor

Nick MacGrath

Nick has a keen eye for seeing the structure of a home over its aesthetic and understanding how it may affect potential buyers or sellers. With a background in restaurant management, Nick has honed his communication and problem-solving skills, which are invaluable in the fast-paced world of real estate. Nick excels at assisting buyers in the market for a flip and helping his clients understand the big picture of any home renovation project, from recommending third-party professionals to outlining approximate costs. When he’s not selling homes, you can find Nick woodworking and embracing his “can-fix-it” attitude. With Nick by your side, you’ll have the advantage of a skilled realtor who truly understands the “bones” of a home.

Cassie Hoffman - Winter Garden Realtor

Cassie Hoffmann

With her incredible knowledge of Winter Garden, Cassie’s been a front-runner for the Erica Diaz Team for some time now. If you’re looking to buy and sell in Winter Garden or its neighboring towns, Cassie can help you find the best home for your family for a great price.

Michelle Gurney - Winter Garden Realtor

Michelle Gurney

A dynamic and driven realtor who brings a unique perspective to the industry, having worked as a paramedic before transitioning to real estate. Born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida, Michelle knows the ins and outs of the local market like the back of her hand. When she’s not busy helping clients find their dream homes, you can find her soaking up the sun at the beach and spending time with family. Michelle’s passion for real estate stems from the satisfaction of going above and beyond for her clients, and she prides herself on her strong work ethic and dedication to achieving the best results possible.

KInga Pope - Tri-Lingual Realtor

Kinga Pope

Have you met Kinga? She’s Central Florida’s top Hungarian realtor. If you’re traveling from abroad and looking for a home, Kinga is your best bet. She’s worked hundreds of deals many with international residents.

Kyle Flanigan - Winter Garden Realtor

Kyle Flanigan

Kyle’s natural charisma and love for people led him to the world of real estate, where he has thrived at helping his clients achieve their dream of home ownership. Kyle is a true Winter Garden local. His commitment to making a positive impact doesn’t end at real estate – Kyle is also the head baseball coach at West Orange High School and a mentor and leader in the community. When he’s not on the high school field or working with clients, you can find Kyle giving back to the community and sharing his passion for baseball as a Winter Garden little league coach. Through it all, Kyle’s exceptional communication, organization, and planning skills have made him a valuable asset to his community, and a trusted partner to those he serves.

Fallon Moore

Fallon Moore

Fallon is a real estate professional who has a deep appreciation for the meaning of “home”. Originally from Ohio, she understands the challenges that out-of-state buyers often encounter when dealing with the intricacies of the real estate industry. Fallon’s own experience with relocating several times inspired her to pursue a career in real estate, and she is now a strong advocate for her clients. Having witnessed both the positive and negative aspects of the industry, Fallon is determined to offer her clients the highest level of service and protection possible. She takes her clients’ success personally, advocating for them in every transaction and ensuring that they receive top-notch treatment.

Tambria Lynn Naginey - Realtor in Central Florida

Tambria Lynn Naginey

Tambria is results-driven realtor who brings her passion for people and her entrepreneurial spirit to every real estate transaction. With over six years of experience in the industry and a deep love for her work, she is committed to providing exceptional service to all of her clients.  Her passion real estate is evident in the results she achieves for her clients. Whether helping a buyer find their dream home, negotiating deals for a seller, or advising an investor on the best opportunities, Tambria puts her all into every transaction. Outside of work, Tambria enjoys spending time with her daughter, and they often hit the trails in her Jeep for some off-roading adventures.

Clayton Jones - Tampa Realtor

Clayton Jones

Clayton is a highly experienced and dedicated real estate agent based in the Tampa area. With a strong passion for the industry and a background in construction management, he is uniquely positioned to provide his clients with invaluable insights into the condition and potential of properties they are interested in. Clayton’s flexible and low-pressure sales approach, combined with his exceptional negotiation skills and attention to detail, ensures that his clients receive outstanding service and results. He takes great pride in sharing his extensive knowledge of Central FL areas and neighborhoods and is committed to guiding his clients through every step of the home buying or selling process.

Mizanne Brown - Central Florida Realtor

Mizanne Brown

If you are looking for a realtor who truly understands her audience, Mizanne has your back. With a laser focus on all things real estate, Mizanne is the ultimate champion for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. From the moment you meet Mizanne, her passion for real estate is evident. She believes that purchasing a home is one of life’s most exciting and rewarding experiences. As a realtor, Mizanne is committed to making that dream a reality for her clients, and she takes great pride in helping people achieve their real estate goals. Her enthusiasm and unwavering dedication come through in everything she does.

Courtney Uzan - Winter Garden Realtor

Courtney Uzan

Courtney is a community management expert turned well-rounded real estate professional! With over 17 years of experience working closely with homeowners, Courtney has built a reputation for building strong relationships and making people feel right at home. She is always looking for new and exciting ways to push the boundaries and create unique experiences. When she’s not busy closing deals and helping clients achieve their real estate goals, you can find her indulging in her love of coffee and perfecting her barista skills. Courtney has a passion for client service and isn’t afraid to try new (and unique) ways to get the best deal for her clients!

Meet Your Support Team

The Support Team assists behind the scenes with every aspect of the deal. From facilitating transaction paperwork to ensuring your house is marketed on time, our team of support technicians ensures our agents can focus on you, and that buying or selling your home with the Erica Diaz Team is a breeze.

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Director of Operations - Alex Fowler

Alex Fowler
Director of Operations

Alex Fowler, Master of Systems, consistently seeks new, innovative, and efficient business processes that save time and money. Alex relishes the opportunity to build, implement, and manage multiple systems, and is seen throughout the organization as the expert on efficiency and systems.

Paul Darlington - Real Estate Photographer

Paul Darlington
Visual Operations Manager

Paul captures each client’s home with stunning exterior photography, beautiful aerial drone shots, and immaculately lighted interiors, Paul Darlington is your real estate visuals expert. Paul enhances each piece of our real estate news and social media with beautiful town and new business photos.

Alejandra - Transactions Coordinator

Alejandra Humpierres-Gallina
Transaction Manager & REALTOR®

Alejandra is our multi-talented transaction coordinator and realtor. Fluent in both Spanish and English, she has an impressive educational background that includes an MBA in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication and Marketing. When she’s not busy coordinating transactions and finding the perfect homes for her clients, you can catch her showcasing her fiery Flamenco moves or soaking up the sun at the beach with her husband. Alejandra’s passion for helping people shines through in everything she does, especially when it comes to her Spanish-speaking clients. She is extremely dedicated and has a fine attention to detail, making her the ultimate advocate for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of real estate.

Nell - Support Team

Nell Copeland
Office Assistant

Nell’s extensive knowledge of the industry and her calm, level-headed demeanor make her an invaluable asset to Erica Diaz Team. With licenses in both Georgia and Florida, Nell knows the ins and outs of the real estate market. When she’s not busy problem-solving and keeping everything organized in office, you can catch her on the volleyball court or exploring the local farmers markets and other community events. Nell’s passion for helping others is truly infectious, and her dedication to our team and clients is unmatched.

Grace - Winter Garden's Social Media Realtor

Grace Pelley
Social Media Manager

Originally from Ottawa, the capital of Canada, Grace brings a wealth of experience to the table, having previously worked in the real estate industry and as a social media specialist for North America’s leading yoga and legging brand. Grace always brings her creative A-game to the table and pushes boundaries when it comes to marketing for Erica Diaz Team. With her finger on the pulse of the latest trends and cutting-edge strategies, Grace knows how to get your home noticed in today’s crowded digital landscape.

Justin V. LaManna, Property Management Specialist at the Erica Diaz Team

Justin V. LaManna
Property Manager

Justin’s your man when it comes to property management. With a long history in property management, Justin has all the connections in the business. He’ll help you locate and vet tenants, instigate repairs or answer your questions? New to the rentals game? Ask Justin!

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Why settle for one realtor when Erica’s team is here to service your every need? With an entire team you’ll have the flexibility to schedule showings that meet your demands, facilitate open houses easily, and close more quickly than the average agent.

The Team You Can Trust

Whether you’re buying or selling, the Erica Diaz Team caters to your individual needs. Whether it’s a unique marketing plan or access to our list of dedicated buyers, the Erica Diaz Team has the real estate expertise right for you. You’ll find an Erica Diaz Teammate nearby: